Built to Suit

Mentor Created a special real estate program for existing business development.
The concept of “Built to Suit” offers existing companies that wish to expand their business the ability to erect their own real estate asset which is built to suit their needs and includes the compatible financial structure as well for this development.

Business development orientation

The “Built to Suit” solution is eligible for an operating business with existing financial track records which is willing to increase its activity by constructing a new real estate asset in all kind of domains:

In case you are an operating company/NGO but from any reason, you are not approved for financing by your bank or cannot reach the investment needed – we might have the solution for you.

After evaluating the project under our development criteria, our team will structure a long term financial plan, invest the complete or partial investment and implement the entire project construction upon the exact client request.

This program can fit only companies/NGO’s with a steady and guaranteed income which can support their long term investment in their business activity.

Residential development orientation

Mentor has developed a special program for residential projects development and completion. The financial structure demands a different approach and strategy and must be evaluated based on the offered project status.

If you have any investment opportunity and would like us to check its eligibility under our analysis criteria, please contact us