Finished/Unfinished projects

Due to the business economy in the last years, which was characterized by economic recession, the financial instability causes a chain reaction of lacking financial durability through many investors which were in the process of construction in several different stages.

Many real-estate projects, finished and unfinished projects are in the market with no solution in sight for their situation.

Mentor Group Investment has developed several types of strategies and solutions for finished and unfinished projects.

We analyze thoroughly and evaluate the finished or unfinished projects and set strategies for development of the real estate assets while taking into consideration its financial status, non-performing loans or lack of financial liquidity.
This process may require further services such as project development, engineering work and construction for project completion and marketing / sales for the asset.

Our assessments are dependent on the expected commercial viability of the development and all cost benefit analysis and projections prepared for the project need to clearly demonstrate that additional investment and controlled development will increase the asset value and potential.

If you have any investment opportunity and would like us to check its eligibility under our analysis criteria, please contact us