Mentor Group Investment Advantage

Funding, Investment & Financial structure

Mentor Group Investment developed a wide range of financial structures and solutions through our group of companies and business cooperation with various investment funds, international financial institution partners and private banking solutions.

We provide special financial products as:

Our financial activity is made in collaboration with our sister company Mentor Finance, a leading financial service company which specializes in Eastern European emerging markets.

Our ability to attract the needed investment along with tailored made financial structure and great knowledge of the market, allows us to manage a variety of real estate project investments.

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Knowledge and Proven capabilities

For the last 10 years in the Romanian and Eastern European market, Mentor Group Investment professionals, have gathered extensive knowledge in perfecting of special financial structures for real estate projects.

Our market experience allows us to create new standards of marketing research, with identification of the project viability to assure its ROI and profitability.

Mentor Group’s Investment team can provide all the needed services to offer a complete range of solutions from A to Z for real estate asset owners, regardless of their financial situation.

Research & Analysis

To assure Real estate project success, our team of professional comprises with real estate market analysis experts which analyze each project while assuring its financial durability and viability, along with secured off takers.

Mentor’s strategy in each project is a deep analysis of the asset situation from several aspects which comprise a successful transaction – financial, engineering, development, management and marketing (off takers).

Most projects are lacking in having the above and it’s our duty to accomplish them for the benefit of the project success.

Working Standards

Our operational standards are at the highest level as demanded from working with international funds, institutional investors, public companies and leading financial institutions. Mentor operating under this standard in all ranges of services in its real estate activity as the project development, value engineering development, financial reporting, sales and marketing structure.

If you have any investment opportunity and would like us to check its eligibility under our analysis criteria, please contact us