Kraus Industries

KRAUS Industries Corporation Ltd is a global provider of engineering, technology and construction services, specializes in infrastructure, environmental and energy sector.

Kraus provides a broad range of market segments through an extensive range of construction sectors, such as industrial, commercial and residential construction along with specialize project as infrastructure projects, bridges, power generation , petroleum, waste management , recycling & waste recovery, sewerage, renewable energy.
Kraus delivers creative solutions to sophisticated, challenging projects and customizes them to the clients' unique requirements.

Kraus Industries products feature high energy-efficiency and innovative environmental protection technologies, subordinated to strict EU regulations and continue with absolute priority to the on-going further development of advanced future technologies.

Committed to exceed our clients’ expectations Kraus industry solutions are a synonym for technological leadership and long-term customer relationships.
Committed to the project creation and implementation.

If you have any investment opportunity and would like us to check its eligibility under our analysis criteria, please contact us