Non-performing assets & Distressed assets

The business economy in the last years is characterized by economic recession, collapsing of major financial institutions and companies who couldn’t overcome the situation.

The financial instability causes a chain reaction of lacking financial durability through many investors which were in the process of construction in several different stages, causing the existence of many real estate assets which are stuck in the construction process with lack of capability to finalize them, projects with non performing loans and a variety of other financial difficulties which prevent the implementation of the project.

Mentor Group Investment acts as an asset management company and as an investor, through real estate asset development and full asset management, representing several leading financial institutions and funds with the financial capabilities of investment in performing and nonperforming real estate projects.

Many real estate assets are repossessed by banks and financial institutions.
Managing those assets is not in their core business activity.
Mentor Group Investment , through its experienced team and tailor made financial structure can offer several strategies and solutions - such as - buying those assets, maximizing their value and gaining profit for all parties involved in the transaction.

If you have any investment opportunity and would like us to check its eligibility under our analysis criteria, please contact us