The 60 Second Binary Options Strategy That Works

You’re just getting started with 60 second binary options and looking for a solid strategy that works. Who can blame you? The fast-paced world of 60 second trades is exhilarating but risky. One wrong move and your hard-earned money disappears in a flash. What you need is a battle-tested system that maximizes profits while minimizing losses. In this article, we’ll walk through a binary options strategy optimized for 60 second trades. You’ll learn how to identify profitable setups, execute smart entries and exits, and manage your risk like a pro. We’ll also reveal the best times to trade 60 second options based on market conditions. By the end, you’ll have a profitable system that works time and again. Let’s jump right in and transform 60 second trading from gambling to money-making.

Understanding 60 Second Binary Options

60 second binary options, also known as turbo options, are the fastest trades in the binary options market. You have just one minute to predict whether an asset’s price will go up or down.

Trading in a Snap

The ultra-short time frame means you have to act fast. As soon as you place your trade, the countdown begins. You’ll need to quickly analyze the chart for the underlying asset and determine if you think the price will rise or fall in the next 60 seconds. If your prediction is correct at the end of the minute, you win the trade. If not, you lose the amount you invested.

High Risk, High Reward

The speed and thrill of 60 second trading leads to a high risk/high reward scenario. Losses can add up quickly if you’re not careful, but the potential payouts are also much higher. Some brokers offer payouts up to 80% for 60 second trades. Compare that to the 10-15% payout for traditional longer-term binary options.

A Volatile Combo

The ultra short time frame combined with the all or nothing nature of binary options creates the perfect storm for volatility. Asset prices can swing wildly in just 60 seconds, so you have to anticipate and react fast. This volatility also means there are more opportunities for big wins, as long as you’re on the right side of the market movement.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any trading method, success with 60 second binary options comes down to practice and experience. Start with a demo account to get familiar with the fast pace before you risk real money. Look for indicators and strategies that work well for very short time frames. And be prepared for losses—they will happen, even to the most experienced traders. But with regular practice, your skills and instincts will improve, leading to more winning trades.

The Advantages and Appeal of 60 Second Strategies

Quick and Exciting

One of the biggest draws of 60 second binary options is that they’re fast and thrilling. You get to experience the excitement of trading in a short period of time. The pace means you have to think on your feet and make quick decisions. This can lead to an adrenaline rush when a trade goes your way. If you have a need for speed and crave intensity, 60 second options are ideal.

More Opportunities

The short timeframe of 60 second options means you get more chances to trade. You can potentially place many more trades in a day than you could with longer expiry options. More trades mean more opportunities to profit. Of course, it also means more opportunities to lose, so you have to go in with a solid strategy and manage your money wisely.

Less Risk of Big Losses

One of the benefits of 60 second binary options is that your potential losses are capped. You know going into a trade exactly how much you could lose if the trade goes against you. The short time period limits how far the price of the underlying asset can move. This can be reassuring for new traders or those looking to limit risk. While losses can still add up over many trades, you won’t face the possibility of one big loss that wipes out a chunk of your account balance.

With speed, intensity, more chances to trade and limited risk, it’s easy to see why 60 second binary options have become popular. If you go in armed with knowledge and a defined plan of action, they could work for you too. The key is starting small and learning the ropes before increasing your trade sizes and frequency. In just 60 seconds at a time, you’ll gain valuable experience to become a better trader.

Keys to Success With 60 Second Binary Options Strategies

To master 60 second binary options, you need to move quickly and confidently. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these fast-paced trades:

Do your research

With only 60 seconds to act, you need to go in armed with knowledge. Study the assets you want to trade and keep an eye on market news and events that could impact price movements. When a trading opportunity arises, you’ll be ready to make a well-informed decision.

Have a strategy

Don’t go into a trade without an exit plan. Decide ahead of time when you will cash out at a profit and when you will cut your losses. You may only have time to follow basic strategies, but any plan is better than none. Some strategies that work well for 60 second options include breakout trading, trend following, and trading news releases.

Practice discipline

It can be tempting to make impulsive trades when the clock is ticking, but maintain your discipline. Only take trades that match your strategy and risk tolerance. Stay calm and focused to avoid emotional decision making. If you feel out of control, stop trading for the day. Consistently sticking to your strategy is key.

Start small

When you’re first starting out, keep trade amounts small while you learn the ropes. Only risk 1-2% of your account balance on any given trade. As you gain experience and your strategy proves successful, you can slowly increase your trade size. But never go “all in”—always diversify to manage risk.

The fast-paced nature of 60 second binary options can lead to thrill-seeking behavior. But by preparing properly, moving deliberately, and maintaining discipline, you’ll give yourself the best chance at success with these short-term trades. Keep practicing and stay focused, and you’ll get better at making quick, informed decisions to optimize your profits.

A Solid 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy

The key to success with 60 second binary options is having a solid trading strategy. Let’s look at some steps you can take to develop a winning strategy:

Find a reliable broker

Your broker needs to have a fast order execution and low latency. Every second counts with 60 second options, so you want a broker with a proven track record of getting trades placed right away. You should also look for a broker that offers 60 second options on a variety of assets so you have more opportunities.

Pick an asset you understand

Don’t trade an asset you don’t understand. Pick a currency pair, stock, commodity or index you are familiar with and can easily analyze. For beginners, currency pairs and indices are often easier to analyze versus stocks. Focus on headline news and events that could impact your chosen asset.

Analyze the market

Spend a few minutes analyzing the chart for your chosen asset. Look at the current price and check key levels of support and resistance. See if the price is trending up or down. For 60 second trades, you want to see a strong price move leading into your trade entry. Look for things like a recent news announcement or pattern breakout that could lead to a short-term price surge.

Enter your trade

Once you see the market beginning to move, it’s time to act quickly. Place your 60 second trade in the same direction of the price move. Call if you think the price will rise; put if you think it will fall. Be ready to act fast—you only have 60 seconds for the trade to result in an in-the-money outcome.

Manage your money

Don’t risk too much of your account balance on any single trade. A good rule of thumb is to never risk more than 1-2% of your balance per trade. 60 second options can experience significant price swings, so you want to be able to recover from losses. With a well-developed strategy and money management plan, you’ll be ready to profit with fast-paced 60 second binary options.

Tips for Effective 60 Second Binary Options Strategies

To master 60 second binary options, you need to move fast and follow some tried-and-true tips. ###Do your homework. Study the underlying asset you want to trade and keep an eye on world events that could affect its price. Know the latest market news and trends so you can anticipate short-term price fluctuations.

Have a trading plan. Decide on your entry and exit points before you start trading. Know how much you can afford to lose, and stick to your limits. 60 second options may seem fast-paced, but don’t let emotion take over. Trade based on your system, not impulse.

Choose your broker wisely. Some brokers specialize in 60 second options, offering competitive returns and a variety of assets to trade. Make sure any broker you consider is properly regulated and offers a user-friendly trading platform, helpful resources to guide you, and great customer service in case you have questions.

Start with a demo account. The best way to get a feel for 60 second binary options trading is to practice with virtual money in a demo account. Try out different strategies and assets so you can make mistakes without losing real money. Once you’re consistently achieving good returns, you’ll feel confident switching to a live account.

Diversify your trades. Don’t put all your money on one trade. Spread it over different assets and time periods. Trade on stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. And vary between 30 second, 60 second, and longer options. The more you diversify, the less risky it becomes.

Sixty second binary options can lead to quick profits, but you have to be on your toes. With the right tips and a lot of practice, you can master the fast-paced world of speed trading and make some serious money in just a minute! Keep learning, stick to your trading rules, and stay one second ahead of the market.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid With 60 Seconds Strategies

Going in Blind

One of the biggest mistakes new 60 second binary options traders make is diving in without a solid strategy. You’ll want to do your research and develop a trading plan before you start risking real money. Study up on candlestick charts, trendlines, and indicators so you know how to spot opportunities and entry points. You should also determine your risk tolerance and ideal trade size so you don’t end up risking too much on any single trade.


When you’re dealing with 60 second expiration times, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and over-trade. But more trades don’t necessarily mean more profits. In fact, too much trading often leads to losses due to increased commissions and the difficulty of predicting short-term market movements. Stick to your trading plan and only take the highest probability setups. It’s better to wait for one good trade than take 10 mediocre ones.

Emotional Trading

One of the hardest things for new traders to master is controlling their emotions. When you have money on the line, it’s natural to feel fear, greed, impatience, and other counterproductive feelings. But emotional trading will only lead to poor decision making and losses. Before entering a trade, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if it truly meets your strategy criteria. Don’t chase losses or get overconfident if you’re on a winning streak. Stay calm and stick to the plan.

Not Using Stops

Even the best trading strategies will result in losses at times, so it’s critical that you use stop losses to limit your risk. Determine your maximum loss tolerance for each trade and set a stop loss order immediately after entering your position. This way you can avoid catastrophe if the market suddenly turns against you. Stops allow you to stay in the game and trade another day. Without them, one big loss could wipe out your entire trading account.

Avoiding these common mistakes will put you well on your way to success as a 60 second binary options trader. Do your homework, develop a solid trading plan, keep your emotions in check, and always use stops to limit losses. Follow these tips and you’ll minimize risks while maximizing profits.

Managing Risks With 60 Second Binary Options

With 60 second binary options, the risks come fast and furious. ### Volatility

The short time frames mean the markets can move quickly against you. One piece of news can send asset prices swinging rapidly. To reduce volatility risk, focus on highly liquid assets like major currency pairs, gold and oil. Their prices are less prone to sudden spikes and drops that can catch you off guard.


The thrill of potentially fast profits can stir up emotions that lead to poor trading decisions. Fear of missing out may cause you to jump into trades too quickly. Euphoria from wins can make you overconfident and careless. To manage emotions, go into each trade with a plan for how much you’re willing to risk and when you’ll exit. Stick to the plan, win or lose.


The excitement of 60 second trading can be addictive. The desire to recoup losses or continue a winning streak may compel you to keep trading even when you should stop. To avoid addiction, set a strict trading schedule and stop when your time is up. Take breaks to avoid obsession. Never chase losses or bet more than you can afford to lose.

With practice and discipline, you can master your emotions and manage risks to become a successful 60 second binary options trader. Start with small amounts as you learn, follow your trading strategy closely, and keep records to track your progress. If you find yourself becoming overly emotional or addicted, take a step back and re-focus on the key principles that will lead to long term success. Short term thrills are not worth long term financial trouble. Approach 60 second trading, as with any investment, rationally and responsibly.

Optimizing Your 60 Second Binary Options Strategy

To get the most out of your 60 second binary options strategy, there are a few optimizations you can make. First, choose a broker that offers the shortest expiries possible. Some brokers offer expiries as short as 30 or 15 seconds. The shorter the expiry, the less time there is for the market to fluctuate, so the more predictable the outcome.

Trade when the markets are most volatile. The best times are typically when major markets overlap—like when the London and New York stock exchanges are both open. There will be the largest volume of trades occurring, meaning bigger price swings. You want lots of price action to take advantage of!

Focus on only one or two assets to trade. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to find opportunities across dozens of stocks, currencies, or commodities. Become an expert in a couple and you’ll better spot ideal entry and exit points. Many successful 60 second binary options traders focus on either currencies or indexes.

Use short-term charts for analysis, like 1 or 2 minute candlestick charts. You’re looking for quick momentum surges, reversals, or breakouts. Longer time frame charts won’t provide the necessary detail. Watch for candlestick patterns that indicate a reversal like doji, hammers or shooting stars.

Employ money management techniques like the Kelly Criterion to determine ideal trade sizes for your account balance. Only risk a small percentage of your capital on any single trade. This way one or two losses won’t wipe out your account, allowing you to stay in the game long enough to achieve consistent profits.

With practice and persistence, these optimizations can help turn a basic 60 second binary options strategy into a real money-making system. But remember, even the best strategy will not produce gains 100% of the time. Accept losses when they come and move quickly to the next opportunity. That is the nature of short-term speculative trading. Stay disciplined in your approach and over time, the wins will outweigh the losses.

FAQs About 60 Second Binary Options Strategies

When using 60 second binary options strategies, you probably have a few questions. Here are some of the most common FAQs to help you trade with confidence.

What are the advantages of 60 second trades? The fast pace and instant gratification. In just one minute, you’ll know if you won or lost. 60 second trades allow you to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations and news events. They’re also exciting and fun!

What are the risks? The risks are higher due to the short time frame. Price changes can be more volatile over 60 seconds, so your trades are riskier. It’s easier to get emotional and make snap judgments. You have to be very careful and disciplined. Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

How much can I earn? Potential earnings depend on your investment amount, and profits can add up quickly if you’re on a winning streak. However, you can also lose your money just as fast. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 60-70% return on investment and take profits when you can. Don’t get greedy.

What strategies work best? Technical analysis strategies focused on momentum, breakouts, and reversals work well for 60 second options. Look for stocks or currencies with a high volatility or lots of volume. Use indicators like moving averages, Bollinger bands, and pivot points to spot trends. React quickly to news events and price spikes.

Should I stick to a single market? It depends on your expertise. If you know a market really well, focus on that. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Trading in multiple markets, like forex, stocks, and commodities, may increase your chances of finding opportunities and reduce risk. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of each market though.

Spending time practicing with a demo account can help prepare you for the fast-paced action of 60 second binary options trading. Start with small amounts of real money and never stop learning. With discipline and the right strategies, 60 second options can be very rewarding. But always keep in mind the risks. Are you ready to trade fast?


So there you have it. A simple yet effective 60 second binary options strategy that can work for you. By using this approach of waiting for the first candle to close after the open, identifying the direction of the trend, and then placing your trade in that direction, you’re giving yourself the best shot at profiting from these fast-moving options. Sure, no strategy is foolproof, but by being patient and disciplined with this one, you’re putting the odds in your favor. Just stick to your rules, don’t get greedy, and see how this strategy can take your trading to the next level. Who knows, if you get good enough, you may be able to quit your day job and trade 60 second binaries for a living. But for now, be smart, trade small, and see how high you can climb by making the most of these volatile one minute wonders. The potential is there if you stick to the plan.

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